Republican Senate candidate Chuck Boyce today announced that he sent a letter to U.S. Senators
regarding the Healthcare bill currently up for debate on the Senate floor. While Republicans hold the
majority in the Senate, the party seems split on how they will fulfill their campaign promises to ‘repeal and
replace’ te Affordable Care Act.

In the letter, Boyce calls on the Senate to reform healthcare by requiring price transparency in the
industry. He states that shifting toward a direct primary care and a catastrophic insurance option would
unburden families with the cost of care. In order to provide Americans with a long term solution, Boyce
also encouraged subsidizing and guaranteeing medical education to ensure the healthcare field maintains
proper staffing. In addition, he calls on members of his own party to put aside divisiveness and maintain
protections for pre-existing conditions and provisions for young adults to maintain their coverage.
“I commend Republicans in the Senate for pushing to open the new healthcare bill up for debate,” Boyce
stated. “Any elected official who truly wants to improve the health of our nation would at least vote yes to
debating the bill.”

Senator Carper, whose seat is up for reelection in 2018, voted “No” to opening up the healthcare bill for
debate. This goes against directly what he has promised Delawareans over the past several weeks
regarding healthcare reform.

“Like many of his Democratic colleagues in the Senate, he continues to sit on his hands, and play into the
divisive party politics crippling D.C. using the excuse of being in the minority.” Boyce said. “This type of
inaction is intolerable, hurts working families, and does not reflect the actions of public servants who
genuinely care about the health of our nation.”

It’s time our Senators fulfill their campaign promises of providing their constituents with better healthcare
options and focus on how their actions directly affect those they were elected to serve.

Jonathan Mattner
Communications Director

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