US house bill Veterans Transition

Republican Senate Candidate Chuck Boyce announced his support for HR 3739 and HR 2258 this week. The passage of these two bills will allow Veterans access to transitional tools into the civilian workforce.

Both bills were recently introduced regarding Veterans transition assistance needed to ease the shift to the civilian workforce. HR 3739, titled VET OPPS Act (Veterans’ Expanded Trucking Opportunities), authorizes a qualified VA physician to perform medical examinations necessary for operators of commercial motor vehicles. HR 2258, titled the ADVANCE Act (Active Duty Voluntary Acquisition of Necessary Credentials for Employment Act) would exempt active duty military and reserve personnel with qualifying experience from certain testing requirements when they seek to obtain a CDL in the private sector. Both bills build on the significant FAST Act of 2015 (Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act), which provides planning for infrastructure and investment until 2020.

“For our veterans separating or retiring, we must ensure a smooth transition to civilian life by ending the senseless bureaucracy that prevents them from using the skills they learned during their service,” Boyce said. “If our brave men and women can carry out their professions in a war zone, it’s clear they can carry them out once they’re safe here at home.”

Congressman Woodall (R-GA) and Congressman Aguilar (D-CA) sponsored HR 3739 and HR 2258, respectively. “It’s reassuring to see our elected officials work toward common ground solutions especially in favor of our veterans.” Chuck Boyce said. “This type of legislation supports veterans who are eager to use their credentials to attain jobs- especially in fields showing personnel shortages.” Both the ADVANCE Act and the VET OPPS Act have been introduced in the House and are expected to come to a vote soon.

Chuck Boyce is the Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate in 2018. He can be reached by visiting

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