DOVER, DE – US Senate candidate Chuck Boyce will host a reception at the Delaware Republican convention this week. The event will be a meet and greet with party delegates from across the state. The reception will take place on Friday, April 28 at Dover Downs.

Dover will play host this weekend to over 200 Republicans at this year’s party convention as delegates elect new party leadership and chart a course for 2018. “People are ready for a change from the Delaware Way of entrenched, career politicians,” Boyce said. “It’s time we get our priorities straight. We must end the musical chair mentality plaguing what it means to be a public servant. I look forward to providing the people of Delaware an alternative.”

Last month Boyce, a local business owner, filed as a candidate for Delaware’s US Senate seat in 2018, and now seeks to meet voters to discuss issues. “For too long, a rotating class of career politicians have represented Delawareans. Those we’ve elected simply refuse to do right by their constituents,” Boyce said. “The people need to know I’m here looking out for them because I’m one of them.” 


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