If elected, I will work hard to pass legislation that guarantees easy access to mental health services for Veterans. I will also make sure that this area is fully funded after years of record low funding which I find unacceptable. It’s time we prioritize the health of our Veterans coming back home.

For too long, our state has lost the pro-business work environment that once drew lots of good paying jobs. It’s time Delaware has an ally in DC who has private sector experience and knows the struggles of being a business owner in Delaware.

For our veterans coming home today, we must ensure a smooth transition to civilian life by ending the senseless bureaucracy that prevents them from using the skills they learned during their service.

It is so important that we honor all who have served in the United States Armed Forces. I thank the many Veterans like my father who have sacrificed so much to protect the freedoms of all Americans.

I am excited that we are now one year out from election day 2018. I am proud to be running as a people first policy candidate who will always think about the best interests of the American People in every decision I make. #OneYear #Delaware

We must invest in modernizing and repairing our country’s infrastructure in order to boost the economy, our way of life, and ultimately our standing in the world.

It's time Delaware sends someone to DC with private sector experience who will hold government spenders accountable for the choices they make and advocate for conservative spending and use of resources wherever possible.