It’s time Delawareans have an elected official who will fight on the side of America’s workforce. I will use my private sector experience to bring new jobs and higher wages back to the First State. In Washington, I will reignite the achievability of the American Dream for everyone.

We have developed an education culture that wrongly forces teachers to prepare students for tests instead of developing critical thinking skills that can carry over into their careers. It is important that we begin to respect teachers as professionals and trust that they, along with parents and local employers, can work to determine the best path of preparation for adulthood for our nation’s youth. These divides will continue to grow unless our elected officials shake things up and start thinking about education on a more micro level rather than a national one. Every student is different and has a different way of learning. Teacher developed curriculum will allow the flexibility for us to stop trying to fit every student into an identical mold, and will also foster 21st century critical thinking skills for modern careers. 

This Monday we will be treated to an eclipse of the sun, darkening the skies from coast to coast. This will mark the first time a total solar eclipse is visible across the entire contiguous United States since the eclipse in 1918. This has generated a lot of interest by people of all ages from young children to old grandparents being the only solar eclipse many Americans will see in their whole lifetime.
I am hopeful that the upcoming eclipse will intrigue more young people to move towards careers centered around science, technology, engineering, and math, as I believe careers in STEM are the future of our nation’s economy.

I am running to be your next U.S. Senator because I want the people of Delaware to be optimistic about their educational opportunities. I truly care about setting up our future generations for successful careers that provide prosperity and financial security. By adjusting what is taught in our schools and how it is taught, families from all communities will achieve greater success across the board. Instead of encouraging all students to burden themselves with tuition debts, its time to focus on the alternative postsecondary options that desperately need to be filled in America’s workforce.

I am running to be your next U.S. Senator because I truly care about transparency in the food industry. Without burdening our many farmers who work tirelessly to provide Americans with nutritional foods, we must reform our produce and livestock industries. 

It’s time we hear the demands of the consumer and adjust our agricultural industry accordingly.

Republican Senate candidate Chuck Boyce today announced that he sent a letter to U.S. Senators
regarding the Healthcare bill currently up for debate on the Senate floor. While Republicans hold the
majority in the Senate, the party seems split on how they will fulfill their campaign promises to ‘repeal and
replace’ te Affordable Care Act.